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28 Jul


New book combines ancient, modern techniques for living

Sonja Ams, Dr. Alisa Cooper’s new book, ‘Transformation in Action’ guides readers to achieving potential

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Sonja Ams and chiropractor Dr. Alisa Cooper join together in releasing their new book, “Transformation in Action: Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs to Live the Life of Your Dreams” (published by Balboa Press), a guide for readers interested in quickly, easily and holistically achieving their highest potential. 

“At first I thought, ‘Who am I to write a book?’” Ams writes, “and then I realized that was a limiting belief.”

“Transformation in Action” addresses readers who feel limited by just such beliefs. Ams determined she would help others overcome their limiting beliefs in the pages of “Transformation in Action.”

“We often limit our own dreams and goals by virtue of our thinking,” Ams explains, “and the book was written primarily to help people understand that our thoughts create our reality.”

The specific action steps, tips and tools included in “Transformation in Action” lead readers on a journey from mediocrity to extraordinary success. Through the Law of Attraction, Ams and Cooper teach readers to live consciously, improve their attitudes and enrich their lives. 

Incorporating ancient Eastern philosophies with the cutting-edge healing modalities of today, Ams and Cooper also address personal health transformation. Their goal is to arm readers with the tools to watch as their true health potential unfolds before their very eyes.

Ams and Cooper are dedicated to overall well-being and holistic health. Their extensive knowledge in areas such as nutrition, psychology, hypnotherapy and Law of Attraction combines with interviews, personal stories, anecdotes and contributions from other healing practitioners to formulate easy steps to breaking through limiting beliefs and achieving dreams.

“Transformation in Action”

By Sonja Ams and Dr. Alisa Cooper

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 446 pages | ISBN 9781452585499

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 446 pages | ISBN 9781452585475

E-Book | 446 pages | ISBN 9781452585482

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Authors

Sonja Ams is well entrenched in the natural health and energy medicine arena. She is certified in emotional freedom technique, neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy and is a Law of Attraction practitioner. 

Dr. Alisa Cooper is a chiropractor, certified clinical nutritionist, and certified emotional freedom technique practitioner with over two decades of experience helping others achieve optimal well-being.


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