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Transformation in Action:

Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs to Live the Life of Your Dreams


Transformation in Action will lead you on a journey from mediocrity to extraordinary success by teaching you to live consciously, improve your attitude, and apply the Laws of Attraction to create abundance and prosperity.  Learn how to be rid of negative thinking forever while discovering that forgiveness and self-love are well within reach. Share in the inspirational stories and candid interviews of some of today’s most financially successful and spiritually evolved people.  Literally transform your health by incorporating ancient Eastern philosophies as well as today’s cutting-edge, healing modalities. Most importantly, embrace your higher self and allow your true potential to unfold.


“Sonja Ams and Dr. Coopers’ book Transformation in Action clearly spells out exactly what  it takes to attract one’s dream life and make all areas of life work optimally. Highly recommended!”

–Dr. Joe Rubino


Transformation in Action Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs to Live the Life of Your Dreams, provides an encyclopedia of ideas and actions to transform your life into what it was meant to be. It is a great read but, more importantly, a DO IT book.”

–C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


Transformation in Action is a phenomenal roadmap to living life in a good, true and beautiful way – Sonja Ams and Dr. Alisa Coopers’ words give the green light of ‘go’ to hope, with their message signaling inspiration, and every page gives directions packed with wisdom. At the end, they leave the reader at a destination of bliss!”

–Deanna Minich, PhD, CN