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Transformation in Action:

Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs to Live the Life of Your Dreams


• Cultivate a positive attitude

• Be grateful

• Forgive and love yourself

• Live consciously

• Attract your desires

• Watch your potential unfold

• Learn from experts

• Explore healing modalities

• Create a wellness home

• Be the best you can be


Transformation in Action will lead you on a journey from mediocrity to extraordinary success by teaching you to live consciously, improve your attitude, and enrich your life through the Law of Attraction. With the Five Pillars of Health as the structural framework: healthy mind, body, family, society and finances, you will achieve the balance necessary to create abundance and prosperity.

Discover how traditional psychology set the stage for the increasingly popular Law of Attraction. Learn how to be rid of negative thinking forever, while realizing that forgiveness and self love are well within your reach. Share in the inspirational stories and candid interviews of some of today’s most financially successful and spiritually evolved people.

Literally transform your health by incorporating ancient Eastern philosophies as well as today’s cutting-edge, healing modalities.  Most importantly, embrace your higher self and allow your true potential to unfold before your very eyes.



·        Operate from a higher plane of consciousness to achieve your goals and dreams.

·        Transform your thinking to be rid of negativity once and for all.

·        Tune your energy to vibrate at a higher frequency.

·        Cultivate a positive attitude toward every day life situations.

·        Become increasingly grateful for the little things you used to dismiss.

·        Learn to effectively attract what you desire with “tried and true” Law of Attraction techniques.

·        Explore holistic modalities to expand your health care paradigm.

·        Develop balance in the 5 Pillars of Health®.

·        Rejoice in forgiveness and self love.

·        Allow your potential to unfold in ways you never before thought possible.